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WA GROUP Meta Trader4

MT4 is the most popular trading software for retail customers, and also the most widely used online trading platform in the field of foreign exchange. WA GROUP MT4 integrates the ECN bridging technology world leader in an anonymous way, customer orders will directly serve the international foreign exchange market, and the stability of superior execution, transparent trading environment, lasting to traders extraordinary experience. In the WA GROUP MT4 platform, customers can accurately stop setting, and can view the news and transaction reports and data analysis, but also enjoy competitive spreads and professional customer service,which is the trader's choice.

MT4 has experienced many years of professional development and improvement. With powerful systems, it is already a favorite of both novice and institutional fund managers. Traders need a program that allows them to analyze quotations, handle trades, and develop strategies. They also need to monitor their trading accounts at any time on their mobile devices.

With MT4, everything is possible!


MT4 is a simple platform with endless possibilities for automated trading. With a strong system and rich resources to help you deal. Searching the Internet or writing your own code to let the system trade for you.

You can increase your trading opportunities through the automated trading system at MT4. You can also use Expert Advisor, or EA, to increase transaction speed. MT4 monitors market dynamics per second and automatically handles transactions for you.

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